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The Numbers of the Group
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• More than 2 billion euros in consolidated sales in late 2010.
• More than 9 billion euros of order backlog at December 31, 2010.

Project Construction of the center section of the ring road of the city of St. Petersburg. Within the section it is planned to construct a raised metal bridge width of 40 meters and a length of 10 km. At the crossing of the sea in front of the bridge at the port it includes two important sections stays.
Contract value: about 2.2 billion € - Duration of contract: 36 months - Mobilization: February 2012 - Construction start: April 2012


Role: Site Manager On-Shore Level: Overview Reporting: Construction Manager Location: Russia, St. Pet

Summary role:
He organizes and manages the production units on site ensuring that the work is done in compliance with the safety of the assigned time and within budget and quality standards required by the contract.
Responsibility for:
- Coordinating and directing the activities of the production site in compliance with the program works and the directives issued by the Construction Manager (CME) or by the Project Manager (PME);
- Referring to the CME or PME, technical progress production of the Job by reporting daily and weekly reports;
- Working with SMEs in the preparation of safety management plan that defines how to manage hygiene, health and safety within the Job;
- Working with SMEs in the preparation and implementation of environmental management plan from the assessment of environmental procedures and defines responsibilities for managing the significant of the Job;
- Ensuring that machinery and work equipment to maintain, during use, the safety requirements of their respective books and manuals;
- Giving appropriate instructions to ensure direct operational practice, in various stages of works, full compliance with laws and regulations on occupational health and accident prevention and risk assessment documents, through the adoption of measures and special precautions required by the current work, ensuring that all staff present on site to comply with the rules of law and those provided by the risk assessment documents;
- Ensuring that it runs the program for maintenance and testing machines, installations, equipment and control efficiency of the accident-prevention tools or going to the same are not removed;
- Working with the SME, CME and the Head of the Prevention and Protection appointed by the EPP, the drafting of documents for risk assessment, based on directives from the legislation and ensure that preventive and protective measures contained therein are actually implemented;
- Appling without delay of any prescriptions issued by the bodies responsible for health and safety, although this will involve the temporary closure of a plant, machinery or work activities;
- Working with the SME / CME to launch the Job Order;
- Quality Control Assistant Manager informs the non-conformities;
- Proposing corrective actions pertaining to the construction site and the resolutions of non-compliance;
- Supporting the SME / CME in writing Operating Procedures and Technical Instructions;
- Correctly applying the provisions in the operating procedures and technical instructions;
- Ensuring the proper management of machinery, equipment and facilities assigned to the yard;
- Defining storage areas and allocating adequate resources and personnel;
- Having purchases for the yard for the ordinary management of the work (consumables, fuel, etc.).
- Indicating the need for CME to equipment or machinery that would enable a better performance of the work.

- Degree or Diploma in Engineering Technician
- Relevant experience of at least 10 years experience in the same role or role equivalent structured companies in the sector, at international level, preferably in Russia, complex projects for the construction of infrastructure projects in transport and / or civil viaducts including critical and bridges, preferably metal.

Specialist skills required:
1. Specialist foundation works (consolidation, piles, micropiles etc.)
2. Earthwork (excavation and embankments)
3. Viaducts, flyovers and bridges
4. Structures in elevation (traditional concrete or prefabricated)

Fluent knowledge of English, knowledge of Russian language will be an important plus.
Complete the profile marked managerial, organizational, operational problem solving

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